Saturday, 24 November 2012

Mix, our friendly Europe Mix logo

Meet MIX...our friendly Europe Mix Project Logo...

Our logo, “Mix” , is a happy snail (escargot) that reflects the values and the perspective of the Europe Mix Comenius Project.

Europe is our common home. Through the Europe Mix Project we do realize that we are not just a union of countries but a union of people (teachers, pupils, parents). And within our hearts we share the same values and the same history path. We may be a little be slow in our decisions and in our progress, like a snail, but we are following a slow pace so as to make Europe a possibility for everybody, for all people, regardless of their current problems and difficulties.

Mix, our “ Europe Mix” logo, is coping with all the diversities and it regards the diversity as a significant potential of our common future. Mix regards the diversity of our different nationalities as its own unique “home”, which consists of our cultures, our beliefs, our solid commitment to understand, collaborate and work together. Mix faces diversity as a unique treasure and carries it within its heart and in real!

Mix also shows – in reality – that Europe is not just a “home” for us, but furthermore it is our shelter, the one and only place we seek safety and support. It’s a place in good times and in bad times…

Mix is our own unique logo, that was voted as the Europe Mix Project Logo during the 1st meeting of the Europe Mix Partners in Cyprus, November 15th, 2012. It was designed by Kalipso Genethliou, a 10 year old pupil(5th Grade) of the 7th Primary School of Lemesos, Cyprus.

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